House Rules

Character Generation
First, the important stuff I always forget… (Thank you Doa!!)
18 Dice for Attributes and 9 Dice for Skills. If you’re Force Sensitive, you start with 10 character points, 2 force points and 1 darkside point. If you’re not Force Sensitive, start with 1 force point, 1 darkside point, and 15 character points and take and extra 2 Dice for skills (so 11 total skill dice).

You can be any race that’s in a book and of course there are no classes. If you find a race online, please clear it with me first.

This campaign is set in the Star Wars Universe before there was a Empire, Republic, etc. The only thing we are using as canon are the movies 1-6. We may bring characters, races, places, etc from the Expanded Universe as the campaign progresses. Right now, we have 4 major factions at work within the Galaxy: The Federation (and the Jedi), the Kingdom, the Hutts, or the Sith.

Player Characters may begin allied with one of these factions, or they may choose to be “Neutral”. You are never bound to stay with one faction and you can always change allegiances so long as your character development allows.

We will give out bonus character points and story/item rewards for character backstory, by no means are character backstories required, and backstories can be given to me at any point in the campaign. As a GM, I’d like you to get a good feel for your character (and the campaign) before you put in all that work of who your character actually is.


If you want to start out as a* Jedi* or Sith Padawan, that is exactly as you start out. You’ll have the same attribute and skill allotments as the rest of the PCs, but you will be force sensitive and you’ll start with 2 force points (instead of 1) and 1 dark side point. If you start as a Padawan, your character must posses at least 1 force power (Control, Sense, or Alter) and 1 ability.

If you choose to be Force Sensitive you start with 2 force points and 1 dark side point but no powers. You can also choose to start as Force Sensitive with force powers but without a master, neither Sith nor Jedi.

PCs who are not Force Sensitive get an extra 10 character points and 2 extra skill die at the time of character creation.

House Rules


Starship Sensors and Starship Shields are considered a part of the Space Transports or Starfighter Piloting skills and may be specialized in. For example, John Doe the the con artist rides along with his smuggler buddy on adventures. John doesn’t want to invest in Space Transports as a skill because there is always someone else there to fly the ship. However, to be useful during space combat, John takes Space Transports: Sheilds. This is considered a specialization and he only has to pay 1/2 the cost in character points to advance the skill.

Search and Observe are both new skills. Search falls under the Knowledge skill tree and is used to search through rooms and to look for something. For example, a detective looking for clues at a crimes scene would use search. Observe is just like the D&D skill and falls under the Perception skill tree. Observe is to hear or see something that is happening around them. Bounty Hunter sneaking up on you? Observe. Little kid stole your wallet and you’re trying to spot him while he runs away through the crowd? Observe. Lost your keys somewhere in the hotel room? Search.

Hide and Sneak are also different skills. Hide is to hide a thing on your person or to hide an item on your ship (like as a smuggler). Hide can also be used to hide a person. Sneak is only a personal skill. Both skills are under Perception.

Death, Re-Rolling, and General Play

Lets try not to meta-game. Its Star Wars and we all know what’s there, what the dark side is, what the light side is, etc. However, you are as worldly as your character is.

If you want to re-roll a new character we have several options: 1. Death – the old standby. 2. Retirement – your old PC decides to give up his/her life of adventure/crime and become an accountant. 3. PC becomes an NPC that is playable by the GM.

House Rules

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