Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 15

Too Many Jedis

We arrived on Alderan. We bypassed the moon Stacy wanted to head to, in favor of her going on that mission alone. Escorting Arlen to his new place of training was just about the only thing left to do, so I decided he could use a companion. I had some interest in seeing the Jedi temple anyway, although it’s getting a bit old by this point. I had interest in getting a job in town working with some sort of agriculture. It’s been a long time since I did any ecological analysis, but before heading into town to look for a job, I was offered a job as a groundskeeper in the Jedi Temple. It seemed alright, so I decided to accept the offer.

There was a presence at the temple that seemed familiar and uncomfortable. Eventually I was able to find out that it was the witch that we ran into on Onderon. She seemed to be attuned with what the Jedi call the Dark Side when we were there, but she seems to be respected here in the temple. I was able to approach her, and she didn’t seem to recognize me. I’m not sure how to progress from here.

They advertised this temple as a more relaxed and thoughtful place than their Coruscant counterparts, but I’ve been unimpressed so far. I’m an employee here, but they have no respect for my weaponry or person. They seem to talk down to me, and although they offer me niceties, they offer me very little else. I will endure in this place…but it offers me nothing to further myself. I’m coming to the conclusion that I have no desire to associate with the Jedi.



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