Thodo Coran

Ithorian Farmer




Thodo Coran grew up on the jungle planet of Ithor. Ithorians have a great respect for their planet’s life and ecosystem and because of this farmers and ecologists are common. Thodo was no exception and spent his life farming and hunting. However, he also had a connection with the planet itself that allowed him to excel in his daily tasks. As he grew older, this connection began to strengthen and as he described, he could “feel” what the crops needed.

As rumors of his gift spread, his herdship’s leader also took interest in him. Ithorian herdships have adapted the policy of being led by a force-sensitive being, who they believe allows them to better understand their connection with their home planet. Gata, the leader of Thodo’s herdship, had been searching for his successor and seeing that Thodo had a connection with the planet he decided to offer to train Thodo. Thodo accepted and began the training Gata would give him.

Thodo’s training began with learning to understand and control his ability. Gata explained that in his time, he found that a power flows through the planet and everything that lives on it, and learning to control the flow of this power is what allows a him to truly understand what is best for the planet and it’s people. With this lesson, Thodo began to learn to meditate and harness this power into different tasks (learned Force Control Skill, and Force Power Concentration).

Thodo also started to learn other facets of leadership, although he seem to adapt well to the position. Often times Thodo would shrug off responsibilities and avoid lessons in favor of going on a hunt. Thodo began to enjoy hunting more than in the past, because it allowed him the opportunity to practice harnessing his newly found power. Hunting for sustenance was encouraged as a natural part of life on Ithor, but Gata began to noticed it started to become something as meaningless as target practice to Thodo. He warned Thodo that this power that Thodo has was supposed to be used to preserve and nourish life on the plane, and that continuing with this attitude would lead Thodo to corruption. Regardless, Thodo continued his hunts. After a short time, Gata suggested Thodo refocus himself, give up his hunting routine, and search within himself to the answer to whether what he was doing was right. At first Thodo was reluctant, but eventually agreed.

After Thodo’s period of meditation, he found that he did not agree with Gata’s teachings. Gata told him that Thodo’s attitude was not suitable for training and that if Thodo remained in Gata’s herdship, he would be watched carefully for crimes against the planet due to his tendencies toward violence. Frustrated, Thodo left Gata’s home and quickly decided that he needed the opportunity to understand his power more, but Ithor no longer seemed like the place for him to do that.

He told his family and friends that he had lost interest in becoming a leader, but needed to find others with the same gifts he had. He left Ithor on the next tradeship he could without knowing where it was headed.

Thodo Coran

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