Dic Snooka

Born Essastii, a reclusive and enigmatic person from little-known Outer-Rim world of Megligobah


Name : Dic Snooka

Race: Essastii
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 115 lbs


Dex 5D
Blaster 6D
Dodge 7D
Melee 6D

Knowledge 2D
Intimidation 3D
Streetwise 3D

Mechanical 3D
Space Transport 5D

Perception 4D+1
Con 5D+1
Observe 5D+1
Sneak 5D+1

Strength 1D+2

Technical 2D


Keen Smell
Delicate Nose
Low Light Vision
Keen Eyesight

Dark skin dude with a cool mask. Not much more to say than the fact that he is always in control of himself and usually has total disregard for other people, unless he needs them or likes them.


Kindergarten review of Dic: (press the present button when you load the page)


Dic is a “Dirty Guy” for lack of a better translation… A young pledge to the Essastii Ring, a small crime family. It is a small and little known criminal hive that is slowly consuming some of the Hutt business on the far outer rim. The Hutts have not been too concerned of their growth or their methods. The Hutts and the Essastii Ring have a history of working together. Sometimes the Hutts will hire out the Essastii ring to handle certain situations that they do not want tied to their name. Part of the “bargaining” process allows the Essastii to run their little crime mob without interruption from the Hutts. It is more of an allowed coexistence and both the Hutts and the Essastii understand that the Hutts could eliminate the Essastii at a time of their choosing should they get over zealous and step on the Hutts toes… so to speak.

Being a “Dirty Guy” is the initial pledge to becoming a full fledged member of the Essastii ring. Their are several secretive goals that must be accomplished before the “Dirty Guy” can rise to the rank of “Tough Guy.” Dic is working on these goals now.

Dic never really had much of an exciting family life. Grew up working as a sharp shooter protecting his family Drumba (Type of LLama) herds from predators and thieves. He is extremely talented with a blaster rifle at long range that came from long days and nights picking off small four legged critters and birds from the age of three.

Dic grew up poor but his uncle was a member of the Essastii Ring and always brought him expensive gifts when he would visit. Dic made it his personal mission to by just like his uncle when he grew up. So, at age 22, Dic was vouched for by his Uncle Ramis to become a “Dirty Guy.” Uncle Ramis paid his initial pledge fee and gave Dic his old ship, “The Face.” The ship has some hidden secrets that Uncle Ramis told Dic to try and find. Dic’s got nothing so far.

Anyway, The Essastii Ring has sent out the young pledge to accomplish his list of goals. He is not allowed to return under his own volition until he accomplishes all of his goals or risk being killed or worse, banished. The goals can take a decade to accomplish or be done in a manner of months. Dic has been out on his own for just under a year. He is solely focused and cares about little more than his goal list, known as the “Dirty List.”

The “Dirty List” is a list created by the Essastii Ring council as well as the pledges sponsor. The only ones to know the full list is the Pledge, the Sponsor, and one Council Advisory. The list is to be kept secret at all costs, to hide the goals and objectives of the Essastii Ring. The entire race of the Essastii depend on the success of the Essastii Ring in order to survive on their little desert planet. If the objectives of the Essastii Ring were to be compromised it could mean hard times for the planet.

Dic Snooka

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