Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Seriously, fuck this jungle.

Arlen meets a dinosaur, pisses off a jedi and gets lost in the jungle.

So, we made it to Andoran after a little game of cat and mouse through the asteroid field surrounding the planet. Upon landing we were greeted by one of Elton’s minions. The plan is we are going to present ourselves as kind of an elite mercenary force. We’re to rescue the kidnapped princess, which should earn us the trust of the Empress, which should allow us to get close enough to kidnap her. I am still not entirely keen on the whole kidnapping thing. It just makes me uncomfortable. But, that’s the job.
We outfitted and headed for the jungle on the surface of the planet. It was a hot landing but our carrier made it without incident, which is more than I can say for the second carrier, which was destroyed before it touched down. We found a couple of survivors and they have joined our patrol.
I am on point through the jungle. I am pretty comfortable with that. I am finally doing what I actually wanted to do, although this run is a little more militant that I would like. I am excited to be on a new planet, possibly meeting new species, though. It has been a long time since I have done anything like this and my skills are a little… maybe a lot…. rusty.
Well, things are going like things usually go for me. We deployed from the ship and was (bad) luck would have it, one of the Jedi and I tripped each other up. His lightsaber and my glow rod somehow got turned on. Lit up the LZ like a god damned spotlight. So, of course, if there were any amount of surprise, coming in on a carrier, it is surely gone, now.
We captured one of the natives. It seems they, or some of them, have some kind of communal link with the animals in the region. We ended up in a three way standoff, us one of the Jedi, and a dinosaur of all things. Things were settled and I wonder if we will see Cholak (the captured native) again. And, I may have pissed off a Jedi. We’ll see how that plays out. I figure I have a pissed off bounty hunter that hates me, why not have a Jedi on my ass, as well. Fuck my life.
Well, great. I got us lost. Nothing makes me feel better than getting a group of people lost in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING JUNGLE. Yes. That will instill trust in the people you are with.


And how was it the group got back on track? seems like an important detail you should share with the group. I mean, its not like the session ended with us lost in the jungle, that would be awful.

Seriously, fuck this jungle.

Arlen focuses on failures more than successes.

Seriously, fuck this jungle.

Is that so he has more to focus on?

Seriously, fuck this jungle.

Much, much more.

Seriously, fuck this jungle.

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