Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Saving Varis's Family

Stacy's point of view.

After completing my mission and causing a civil war to break out, I agreed to go with Varis to her home planet and save her family, who were caught in a civil war.

To get to the planet, I overpaid a pilot to fly us to the city. He got shot down, he died.

We walked for a while until we found a rebel base in the woods. One of the pilots was willing to pay us to help him fly into the city, by arming the guns on the back of the ship. Upon landing, we were in the middle of a street shot out. Varis and I helped kill the Royalist.

After the fight, we found out we had helped the group led by Varis’s brother. He showed us to the rebel base. This is where we met a creature by the name of Nabot. He said some unknown force drew him to that planet, and he was assured that he was destined to write a story about either Varis or I, I choose Varis. Regardless, he had a ship, knowledge of the safe smuggler paths and would give us a ride.

As we left the rebel base, and headed to the jungle to get Nabot’s ship, it became apparent that he had no skill in stealth, but knew how to handle himself. He knocked down a wall by leaning on it, which revealed an outpost of 4 Royalist. He was able to distract 3 of them, so I was able to easily come in and kill two, while Varis killed the other two.

We came to a building with a balcony, that would help us to leave the city, but it was filled with Royalist. Nabot, walked in the front door, Varis jumped to the top floor, I sneaked into the front door to put a couple down, then left and went in the back way to head to the top. Nabot was able to stun a couple before being knocked out himself. Varis took care of the guy on the third floor, and then she and I dropped to the 2nd floor to take out 4 more guys. He woke up Nabot and left the city.

As we walked through the jungle to Nabot’s ship, we came across an ambush party of Royalist, about 700 or so, we left them alone and watched from a distance as they blew up a rebel tank. Further into the woods, a ship was able to spot Nabot and Varis as it flew by. As it took time to swing around and come back, Nabot and Varis continued to head to Nabot’s ship, but I stayed back and climbed a tree. Once the scanner ship came back, I jumped onto it from the tree, climbed to the back turret, shot the guy inside, climbed in, the co pilot shot such a horrible shot at me that it bounced around in the ship until it killed the pilot, I went up to the cockpit, fought with the co pilot, making the ship crash, he died, I was dazed for a round. At this point, Nabot and Varis had gotten to the ship and where on the way back. They picked me up on the way to the city.

Upon reaching the city again, we parked a short distance from Varis’s families house. Upon going inside we met an unexpected person who had an unexpected question, and then yadda yadda yadda, we found the location of Varis’s family.

At this point, Nabot took a vacation to the White Room, and his co lilot Thodo decided to help us. Varis’s family was with other refugees in a cave. Upon landing close to the area, it was apparent we were not alone. We ran to the cave to beat 15 troops on there way to kill/capture the refugees. I left the cave, and attacked some in the jungle, while Thodo sniped them from the caves mouth, and Varis finished them off once they made it to the cave.

Upon the enemy leaving, we decided it was time for me and Varis to part ways for now. She had a light saber to deliver, and I had refugees to take care of.



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