Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

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Session 1

Phil got on a space liner (The Kuari Princess) to travel to the Wrath system. He saw some suspicious stuff on the Kuari Princess that he tried to investigate.

Stacy was sent on a follow and search mission in which she did awful on the follow part and but ended up finding the information she needed. Then returned to find out that her employer already had another mission lined up for her.

Session 2

Phil (Brian’s PC) arrived at Coyne which is the gateway world of the Wrath System. Phil met up with Stacy, who is an enforcer employed by the Hutt Cartel, an organization that Phil had dome some work for in the past. Caa’Bot the Hutt hired Stacy and Phil to serve as protection and as guides for the famed peace negotiator Horace Nau as he travels to the capital planet of the Wrath System, Crowne, where he intends to negotiate a peace settlement between the Great Masters and the Replicant Insurgency on Crowne.

Session 2.5

Arlen Quode, a scout under the employ of Caa’Bot the Hutt, traveled to the Wrath System via his trading vessel: The Hairy Ballast. Arlen did some scouting for the Ballast on their way to the Wrath System, and he discovered and mapped a new star system. Also, while he was at that system, he had a distant encounter with some strange unidentified objects that appeared to be made out of pure energy and could move faster than the speed of light.

His ship eventually docked at the port planet of Coyne where he was instructed to meet up with Stacy and Phil to assist them in their mission.

Session 3

Arlen and Stacy followed some suspicious men around Gold City. Jedi Master Gosu was poisoned at the hotel and died in his sleep. The next morning the surviving members of the party linked up with Arlen.

Stacy, Phil, Varis (Jedi Apprentice NPC) and Arlen took off into the desert to take Horace Nau to meet with the Replicant Insurgency which was located in the Black Friar Mountains across the Parwaan Desert.

The party was ambushed by raiders in the desert and they had to fight their way through. Arlen did all the driving, knocking out a couple swoops with his evasive maneuvers, while Stacy and Phil shot everything (mostly Phil). Varis was pretty useless. By the end, nearly everyone was wounded and one of Horace’s body guards died. However, Stacy managed to rescue Varis and Phil got Arlen out. The party arrived at the Black Friar Base.

Session 4
Peace Negotiations

The party met Lady Ice who greeted them and took them to meet General Melodia Farn.

Varis and Stacy formed a tight bond of friendship, with Varis looking up to Stacy as a mentor in the absence of Jedi Master Gosu.

Phil spent the majority of this mission recovering from his wounds in a bacta tank in the med station.

Arlen was invited on a hunting trip by a replicant named Miles. He and one of Horace’s body guards, Ryon, accepted. However, this did not go as expected as Miles – and all of his friends, suspected Arlen and Ryon of a plot to assassinate General Farn. Naturally, both Ryon and Arlen knew nothing of the plot but that didn’t matter. Gyon and Arlen had to kill Miles and his crew and then make their way across the desert for a day and a half before they were picked up by one of Crowne’s Air Marshals. The Air Marshal took them back to Gold City.

Back at the Black Friar Station, Stacy carried out her mission of assassinating General Farn. She did this by poisoning the general with an assist from the Base’s head cook (who was also under the employ of the Hutt Cartel). This caused the entire station to devolve into chaos, as there were two sides to the Replicant Insurgency: One that wanted peace, and the other that wanted to continue the fight.

Stacy and Varis were able to fight their way through the base until they made it to the docking bay where Jimmy Smith and Par met them and flew them back to Gold City (Jim and Par were also under the employ of Caa’Bot the Hutt and had been sent to pick the assassin up).

Arlen Log 1

While we walked around Coin, looking for a buyer for the medical goods we acquired, I spoke to Ryon about joining my crew. I am looking to distance myself from the Hutts as no one who works for them ends up with a beneficial retirement plan. Ryon agreed, also saying he was looking at starting a mercenary company.

Met with “Korben” to sell off the medical gear. Got 15500 for the goods, split it with to Ryon.

Met two Jedi in the bar. They are looking for Varis. Wanted to hire us to fly them around and help them look. Bartered their price up to 5k for each of us.

After speaking with the Jedi we (all of us) went ship hunting. We (the group) all pitched in and bought a new (used) ship. Corellian Freighter
Ship stats (will be updated):
Crew 2
Space 9
Weapons FC 1d
Dmg 3d+2
Cargo 20 tonnes
Passengers 12
Manuve 2d
Hull 3d
Shields 1d
Focus 1/2d

Flew to the space station Darknon Station, looking for Stacey and Varis. It is a crap hole filled with vagrants and homeless.

Watched Phil collect information from the security guard. He opened with “A wookee, a human and a red Twi’lek walk in to a bar… I don’t have a joke, where’s the red Twi’lek?” (quote of the week)
HAH! And that is why I let him do the talking.

The guard was as helpful as he could be… I think.

Went to the bar recommended by the security guard. After getting a couple of drinks and talking to the bartender, we got in contact with a rodian who pointed us toward planetside. Everyone is telling us they crashed their ship into a canyon wall. Phil and I think this is likely not the case, but it’s a place to start.

We got some permits to land in the government control area, Phil blasted the miscreant kids (stun) but he did seem to have a good time doing it. I approve. And then he shot the security guard. Also with stun. Not sure why he did that, but whatever.

Dic's Account #1
I Killed a dude!

I woke up… I got paid… EXPLODING DOG!…. I went for a quick swim in the river… I killed a dude… Waiting to get paid some more!

Thodo's Log, Entry 1
Killing Humans

Miss Varis’ has offered to show me the home of her masters. This “temple” seems like it will be an interesting place. However, there’s a job to be done first.

The refugees were no problem to find, but extracting them from hiding was not as easy as I had hoped. At least 15 of these human soldiers, I believe they were referred to as Royalists, intended to kill those we had come to save. Dealing with any one would have been easier than any Ursmal hunt I’ve experienced in the past, but their numbers were great. If it had not been for MIss Varis’ skill with her blade, there’s no doubt in my mind that we all would have perished. Nevertheless, victory was achieved.

I felt nothing killing these men, but on the trip to the temple I spoke with Varis on this topic. Gata had said that the preservation of life was most important, but these Jedi seems to have slightly different practices.

Meeting Vouda Kaas was…interesting. He is a strange creature, but was capable of opening my eyes to something I had only noticed vaguely in the past. These Jedi may be the people I was searching for. More evaluation is needed.

Dic's Account #2
Did not get paid!

Walked around in circles… found a cool speeder thing. Stole woman’s clothes… wore them. Read a big book on flying a speeder thing… flew a speeder thing. Two dudes and the speeder thing… BOOM! BIG BOOM! Dudes are dead. I went for another swim in the river. Told some creepy Jedi guy that his friend exploded. Went on a hike looking for somebody… creepy dude leads the way. Did not get paid today… Eyes on some cool shiney rocks.


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