Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 13
Does Age Create Wisdom?

After the events of tonight, I would argue it does not. However, there are complications to that conclusion that makes it unreliable.

The Empress insisted on returning to her planet against my advisement. She made a promise of peace and beneficial trade for us. Though both of those things would be satisfactory, I couldn’t help but believe that the Empress would inevitably die due to this decision. I was not in the position to affect this decision, so I tried my best to preserve life as I could. Surely if the Empress was a woman of her word, peace would be achievable on this planet.

The queen led us through her city streets where even her own people didn’t recognize her. Eventually we met with her guard captain who immediately seemed untrustworthy to Dik. Dik impressed me with his people skills this evening, and his judgment of this man’s character was very spot on. I tried to convince the Empress to be wary of her former friend and ally, but she insisted on falling into his waiting arms.

He led us into what I can only call an ambush, although there was no violence. It seems Dik’s employer (or former employer possibly) had a necessity to take the Empress and have her tested for being a replicant. Which brings me to the issue which punches hole in my understanding. The Empress in every way portrayed to me to be foolish and driven by her emotions. She supposedly cared only for her daughter and planet, and she made decisions based on that. It forced me to believe she was severely lacking wisdom. However, does a replicant have the capability of making wise decisions…then again, does a replicant have the capability of making emotional decisions? It seems like it would be even less likely. Nevertheless, Elton (Dik’s employer) ordered his turncoat captain to lead us to Stacy’s cell. Dik seems to have a connection with Stacy, and I can’t deny that she’s extremely valuable in a fight.

We worked our way down to her cell and found her tortured and a passed out Princess Wildheart. Saving her seemed simple and potentially beneficial. With Stacy’s lead, Dik’s quick thinking, and my…carrying capabilities. We were able to make it out and meet Arlen on his ship. It seems I may have found a new group to travel with, although I have concern for my old Jedi friends on the planet. In hindsight, it may have been wise to see if they were in the prison before fleeing… I may need to learn to be a bit more judgmental of myself.

Thodo's Log, Entry 12

My fellow jedi Ulic seems to be in a dark place. It seems he has had a rough time as of late. There were rumours that he was having what some may call an affair with Master Shia. These rumours have been confirmed to Arlen and me by Ulic himself. It also seems to be that Ulic has very little desire to be a jedi and is going through the actions solely to keep from being sent away as a prisoner indefinitely. I am not adept at dealing with the emotion of others, but did what I could to comfort him. He had a lot to say…

I was given a mission to escort the Empress to meet with the Rebel Empress (her daughter). Dic and Arlen were to go along, I will be the sole Jedi representative. However, Dic and Arlen seem to have been very direct with me about their intentions. I feel that helping them may be what’s best for this planet and lead to us being able to leave this place. This planet can rule itself…

We also discovered that Trilium is being mined (or was being mined) by the Great Masters. I know almost nothing of them, but this mining facility we found seems to have been a secret. I took a portion of the Trilium to examine myself. I have some suspicions about it and need to see if any of them come to fruition. Dic and Arlen also stashed a ship in the abandoned mining facility as a get away in case things go poorly at the meeting.

I was optimistic that this meeting between the Empress and her daughter would be safe and easy, but of course that wasn’t the case. I was again was unaware of all that was happening and through my precautions I made them aware of an ambush. It seems that a faction of the Empress’ military decided to turn on her. I attempted to save the princess, but she once again was stubborn to my attempts to help. She most certainly died. We were able to escape with the Empress, though she is frail and incapable. This family quarrel is foolish and grating on me.

Leaving the planet’s atmosphere was thrilling. It felt as if I was free…but that feeling was quickly dashed with the words, “I want to go back.” This woman is infuriating, but I have no control over my current course of actions. It may be my path to fulfill this, hopefully this will all be revealed to me in time.

Thodo's Log, Entry 11
Finally Some Wisdom

After the two bounty hunters regrouped with us, Varis insisted on speaking with the Princess herself. I escorted her and Exar into the city to speak with the Princess. The bounty hunters story seems to be accurate. The Princess does not want to leave, and someone must be left behind to control the chaos. Surely with the Princess in control of the city, peace has been achieved in a way? Violence has brought about the potential peace of two cities. It’s confusing and surely inefficient, but the jedi may have chosen a successful course of action.

Returning to the city without the Princess will surely be seen and a failure to succeed, but I feel confident that the situation is currently at it’s best. I will not return the Princess against her will, although I foresee that being the ordered to retrieve her by force will happen.

I made a point to speak with Master Loka when I returned. I shared my concerns with him about Varis leadership and Phil’s tendency toward violent solutions. Finally, a jedi showed understanding, respect, and wisdom. Although Master Loka did very little to act on my concerns, taking them into account and taking interest in them is more than I can say for most of the Jedi. I cannot see myself staying with the Jedi, but there are some among their ranks that I will not forget, nor will I forget what they’ve taught me if I do leave.

I miss Lobacca…I miss freedom…and for maybe the first time I miss my home. This situation has made me wish I had some tasty antflies. Surely my first purchase if I every am able to earn some money.

Stacy's upsets and happies.

As Stacy stands there, watching Wildheart sob for her lost husband, she begins to remember the past few hours leading up to this, and how disappointed she come with the actions of others.

Upon first landing in the forest, they lost contact with home base. Disappointment sets in over that, now believing contact lost was meant to happen, that they knew the princess was not kidnapped against her will. Stacy believes that they were sent in to kidnap her back. That the Queen, who hated the savages, probably just wanted her daughter back in the city for show. This is shown through how the princess was happy as a clam being there in the village. Stacy bets that the princess was “kidnapped” with a smile on her face.

Another disappointment was upon standing outside the village, when the group was standing around wondering how to sneak into a city. Sure Stacy doesn’t like to talk unless she has to, but did all the members of the group forget they had a very highly trained assassin on the team, one who specializes in not being seen?

One happiness in the adventure happened shortly after getting into the city, being thought of has the Sith that was there greatest aide, that allowed her to move about pretty freely, and get lots of information she never would have received otherwise.

Last disappointment, after everybody had gotten there gear back and were headed to safety, only two people made any contact with Stacy, Dick (her fastly becoming partner in crime) and Thodo, who was mostly looking to finish the errand they were all on. Not once did Varus look for, contact, or search for Stacy, that is the greatest disappointment of the past many months.

So upon princess Wildheart, sobbing on the ground asking who did this, Stacy touches her shoulder and says, “Your mother. Your mother sent a group of men here to kill your husband, your adviser, and you. Sorry to say, we could only save you. Take your time to grieve for your love, but don’t take to long, your mothers punishment needs to be swift and lasting.”

Thodo's Log, Entry 10
Fire and Flying

Prison is not pleasant, but the company of the other jedis is somewhat comforting. However, their presence is offset by the unsettling presence of a seemingly crazy person. Noah Valkir was another prisoner in the cells. A sex slave and torture subject of the Witch of Onderran, he told us his story and almost broke himself in the process.

This witch seems unpleasant. At first I was curious about her, but if what Noah says is true (which I believe), I must admit to myself that curiosity is not always as harmless as I imagined. Not all people deserve to have their thoughts and actions allowed, I may even go as far as to say some people deserve to have their thoughts and actions denied and rooted out. If a person does as this woman does, it is only right to stop her in order to stop others suffering. Then… It’s possible Noah was not a wholesome person himself. Judging others is difficult, but I will increase my capabilities.

It seems that Stacy had expertly negotiated a deal for the jedi and other prisoners to be involved in a hostage trade. I would say this is impressive. Our mission would end up being a failure, but no harm done and the mission could be begun again. That is, all this could have been done except for my foolish comrades decided that this peaceful solution was not adequate. The jedi stole the guns from a number of guards and opened fire. Being in the middle of an hostile city, I chose to forgo immediate violence and try to complete the mission.

I was able to speak to a small flock of pteradons just as a large explosion shook the city. I helped them escape their burning stable and in return they helped me gather my allies. If nothing else, the princess and my gun were necessary to acquire before leaving the city. I found Stacy and the princess, but Stacy said that taking the princess back to the city was not the right move currently. Stacy is the only person in this group that I would trust to make correct decisions in situations like this. The jedi are too unpredictable and inexperienced, the others I don’t know at all. I left Stacy to care for the princess (I expect her to prove herself to me again) and found the others. Phil insisted on capturing the stubborn crazy man, which we did.

This situation fell apart in so many ways. Once again the jedi show themselves to choose murder as their preferred option. Certainly a prisoner exchange was an acceptable option, but instead tens of people have died for no reason. This is wholly hypocritical and unacceptable. The jedi prefer violence and murder even though they claim to support life and peace. The jedi align themselves with people around the galaxy instead of attempting to remain an unbiased mediator for all those they claim the force influences. How can they claim to be defenders, knights, and protectors of the universe if they cannot even reign in the actions of their own order.

I might be time for me to part ways with these jedi. I feel they have both disrespected me and done close to nothing to earn my respect. Surely there are good among their ranks, but I cannot choose to belong to an order with so many flaws and troubles. May the force guide them in their development, but I feel that it’s time for me to find my own way to harness the power and essence of the force. The jedi have helped me understand the force and hone my skills…now it’s my time to find the way to control that power.

Thodo's Log, Entry 9
Time to think

Trekking through the jungle has been long and arduous. Pleasant enough for me. My companions were afraid of the “jungle man” and lizard we saw yesterday, but I barely remember them by this point.

We arrived on a bluff outside the large encampment at the base of a volcano this morning. It may be travelling through the night that has made me hazy, but I barely remember why we’ve come here. Apparently maintaining this alliance with the local lords of this planet is of utmost importance. We’ve been told to assault a town-sized encampment of wild men to save one girl. It seems quite foolish, and the reasoning behind the order must be questioned.

This thought gives way to another. Should the Jedi be aligning themselves with anyone? Shouldn’t the be the mediators of disputes throughout the galaxy. Certainly the values they profess to maintain would show them to be suitable and a impartial party when needed. Shouldn’t their reputation precede them and win them favor with everyone, as opposed to choosing who to ally with and running errands for them? Maybe I’m being to idealistic and not realizing that the scenario is solely searching for saviors of a young girl, not someone to solve a larger dispute. Certainly saving the life of young girl is noble, but killing many in the process seems inevitable and cancels out any good that might be done. It is not that I find myself too righteous to be among their ranks, just that I find any sense of stability impossible to grasp.

While considering these things, Stacy ran off to gather intel. That’s what we believed at least. I have not seen her since, nor have I seen the others that went out to scout out the city. There was definitely more going on than was apparent however. Scattered messages through the comms and explosions on the mountain side lead me to believe there was trouble. Varus decided our best course of action was to disrupt the power generators of the encampment in hopes of causing a distraction. Following that plan quickly got us caught and outnumbered. I was told that our 6 fighting twelve would not end well (although I’ve seen Varus fight three men on her own at once) so we surrendered.

Riding the pterodans was the most pleasant experience of the day, although ending that ride in a prison cell was not a perfect ending.

Through my meditation, I believe I have unlocked the capability of enhancing my precision even more so. I will have to test this…

Teaching Varus
Fear and weakness

Once getting to a place to camp for the night, Stacy sits next to Varus in private and gives her a lesson to help her grow.

I saw you were scared when the giant beast showed up, and the situation looked grim, I am going to teach you how to dismiss your fears. Fear is nothing more then the emotion we have when we don’t know. When we don’t know what is happening, we don’t know why something is going on, when we don’t know why a person or thing acts the way it does. Fear is letting the feeling of not knowing, take ahold of you. To lose fear, one must simply become curious, and look for answers. When the giant beast showed up, I became curious of why he was there, that was answered by the hostage we had, his eyes rolled back, you could see he was controlling it. I became curious as to if he would attacks, that was answered with the situation we had, if we were civil, so would the hostage and his pets. I was curious if we had to fight what would happen, it may be cruel, but I knew many would probably die or be hurt, but the strongest of us would survive or get away. I replaced fear with questions. The more questions you can answer about a situation, the less fear you should have, less fear equals a clearer head.

The second lesson I want to give you tonight is a short one. There is no fight you can not win, if you acknowledge your opponents strengths. You must not let your pride hide the advantages that your opponent has over you. It may seem backwards, but once you have seen your opponents strengths, all that remains are his weaknesses, then the fight shall be in your favor. They say if you do the hardest activity first, the rest will be easier. Suck up your pride, humble yourself to the opponents strengths, then finding there weaknesses will come easy, and so will your victory.

Get you rest Varus, and meditate on what I have told you. It will help you, both in life, and in battle.

Seriously, fuck this jungle.
Arlen meets a dinosaur, pisses off a jedi and gets lost in the jungle.

So, we made it to Andoran after a little game of cat and mouse through the asteroid field surrounding the planet. Upon landing we were greeted by one of Elton’s minions. The plan is we are going to present ourselves as kind of an elite mercenary force. We’re to rescue the kidnapped princess, which should earn us the trust of the Empress, which should allow us to get close enough to kidnap her. I am still not entirely keen on the whole kidnapping thing. It just makes me uncomfortable. But, that’s the job.
We outfitted and headed for the jungle on the surface of the planet. It was a hot landing but our carrier made it without incident, which is more than I can say for the second carrier, which was destroyed before it touched down. We found a couple of survivors and they have joined our patrol.
I am on point through the jungle. I am pretty comfortable with that. I am finally doing what I actually wanted to do, although this run is a little more militant that I would like. I am excited to be on a new planet, possibly meeting new species, though. It has been a long time since I have done anything like this and my skills are a little… maybe a lot…. rusty.
Well, things are going like things usually go for me. We deployed from the ship and was (bad) luck would have it, one of the Jedi and I tripped each other up. His lightsaber and my glow rod somehow got turned on. Lit up the LZ like a god damned spotlight. So, of course, if there were any amount of surprise, coming in on a carrier, it is surely gone, now.
We captured one of the natives. It seems they, or some of them, have some kind of communal link with the animals in the region. We ended up in a three way standoff, us one of the Jedi, and a dinosaur of all things. Things were settled and I wonder if we will see Cholak (the captured native) again. And, I may have pissed off a Jedi. We’ll see how that plays out. I figure I have a pissed off bounty hunter that hates me, why not have a Jedi on my ass, as well. Fuck my life.
Well, great. I got us lost. Nothing makes me feel better than getting a group of people lost in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING JUNGLE. Yes. That will instill trust in the people you are with.

Thodo's Log, Entry 8

The awkward situation in the control room was broken by the appearance of three padawan peers. It was a welcome interruption, and a quick departure was made.

Master Loka decided to take a group of us to the surface of Onderan. Apparently the death of these men and creature are cause for celebration. I was not in a position to complain however. Seeing a planet full of wildlife, including new jungles and creatures is something I was looking forward to. I believe I’m realizing that I have a sense of wanderlust in myself. Leaving Ithor, regardless of the circumstances, was not unpleasant and my time at the Jedi Temple, although worthwhile, was hard to be comfortable with.

Onderan is a beautiful planet, although I suppose that is just an opinion as there are people would say the same about Coruscant. The ambassadors of Shu’rin seem to be friendly enough, and a celebration was held for those of us who came to the surface. The food was mediocre, the company was pleasant, the entertainment was strange. Nevertheless, Stacy, an old friend, joined us. It was a surprise to see her there, and although I have no reason to be attached to her, I found that I had missed her presence.

The people here believe in omens, myths, and legends. They claimed that one had a strong presence here the evening of the celebration. A strange and decrepit bird appeared in the hall and a man dropped dead. It was a strange occurrence, and I took the bird specimen for later investigation.

Late in the evening Shu’rin was assaulted by people I know nothing about. Mos Loka called us to action, but killing these men mindlessly seemed meaningless. I commandeered a military creature from the stable and decided a distraction was best. These men were attacking the palace itself, so I drew there attention and my new beast friend and I brought them on a wild chase. The speed and intelligence of these blind beasts are terribly impressive. We were able to lessen the enemy force via our distraction and escape relatively unscathed.

Lobacca’s arm was destroyed in the combat. I feel no remorse for the rider I killed…

Section of Stacy's diary.

A section from Stacy’s diary, after meditating and talking with her mentor Gary. A way for her to cope with what has happened.

A misguided trust, mixed with an ideal place
she stood with him, face to face

A mission for one, a tool for the other
a relationship, that would go no further

Into his eyes, she did leer
pulling her knives, as she neared

A knife goes in, blood gushes out
dreams of a long life, were put in doubt

She gives two strikes, both deep and clean
knowing quite well, she will be seen

His eyes look down, the candles dim
a bellowing cry, all thats left of him

Her mission complete, she lifts her eyes
the guards shocked, as their boss dies

They rush at her, firing their guns
both knowing, what must be done

Cloaked in his blood, dodging the blasts
she charges in, to kill them fast

She ends them quick, the way she was taught
from that fateful day, when her home was lost

All three are dead, mission complete
yet two more objectives, she wishes to meet

First to the room, to make sure its clear
she grabs the case, someone is near

On a shelf, through some books
She hears a noise, and takes a look

A man was there, but choose to flee
what did he hear, what did he see

This mystery, would have to wait
She was running behind, for an important date

Leaving the room, the alarm goes off
each beep sounding, as the Hutt’s scoff

She moves quick, sneaks to the cell
as an imp, traversing through hell

Avoiding the sight, of the gods above her
for many would come, if they caught sight of her

Through two doors, and the welcome center
she heads for the cell, of her treasured mentor

The door opens, he knows not how to feel
has the Hutt, made her a deal

She sets him free, a smile on her face
giving his fears, a much needed chase

They part ways, to meet at the front door
in his wake, guards dead on the floor

They go straight, for the hanger bay
she explains why, on the way

Before the two, this station leave
a precious item, she must retrieve

To take it back, from where it came
keeping it safe, and its condition the same

They boarded the ship,seeking to trade
but the jedi decided, blood needed to be payed

She killed the pilot, did not feel right
they never were going, to join the fight

Ready to act, on the jedi she gazed
her mind became clouded, with a death filled haze

Leaping forward, using her might
damage she dealt, was very light

She found her bearings, dodge the lightsaber
was at this time, Gary did save her

Using a move, she had never seen
brought the jedi, to his knees

Seeing the darkness, bringing his student low
Gary delivers, the final blow

The jedi’s body, now growing cold
darkness on her, was taking hold

Seeing his student, standing there lame
He took action, to free her of pain

“This path my pupil, has not been easy
now close your eyes, and meditate with me”


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