Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Session 3

Arlen and Stacy followed some suspicious men around Gold City. Jedi Master Gosu was poisoned at the hotel and died in his sleep. The next morning the surviving members of the party linked up with Arlen.

Stacy, Phil, Varis (Jedi Apprentice NPC) and Arlen took off into the desert to take Horace Nau to meet with the Replicant Insurgency which was located in the Black Friar Mountains across the Parwaan Desert.

The party was ambushed by raiders in the desert and they had to fight their way through. Arlen did all the driving, knocking out a couple swoops with his evasive maneuvers, while Stacy and Phil shot everything (mostly Phil). Varis was pretty useless. By the end, nearly everyone was wounded and one of Horace’s body guards died. However, Stacy managed to rescue Varis and Phil got Arlen out. The party arrived at the Black Friar Base.

Session 2.5

Arlen Quode, a scout under the employ of Caa’Bot the Hutt, traveled to the Wrath System via his trading vessel: The Hairy Ballast. Arlen did some scouting for the Ballast on their way to the Wrath System, and he discovered and mapped a new star system. Also, while he was at that system, he had a distant encounter with some strange unidentified objects that appeared to be made out of pure energy and could move faster than the speed of light.

His ship eventually docked at the port planet of Coyne where he was instructed to meet up with Stacy and Phil to assist them in their mission.

Session 2

Phil (Brian’s PC) arrived at Coyne which is the gateway world of the Wrath System. Phil met up with Stacy, who is an enforcer employed by the Hutt Cartel, an organization that Phil had dome some work for in the past. Caa’Bot the Hutt hired Stacy and Phil to serve as protection and as guides for the famed peace negotiator Horace Nau as he travels to the capital planet of the Wrath System, Crowne, where he intends to negotiate a peace settlement between the Great Masters and the Replicant Insurgency on Crowne.

Session 1

Phil got on a space liner (The Kuari Princess) to travel to the Wrath system. He saw some suspicious stuff on the Kuari Princess that he tried to investigate.

Stacy was sent on a follow and search mission in which she did awful on the follow part and but ended up finding the information she needed. Then returned to find out that her employer already had another mission lined up for her.

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