Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Seriously, fuck this jungle.
Arlen meets a dinosaur, pisses off a jedi and gets lost in the jungle.

So, we made it to Andoran after a little game of cat and mouse through the asteroid field surrounding the planet. Upon landing we were greeted by one of Elton’s minions. The plan is we are going to present ourselves as kind of an elite mercenary force. We’re to rescue the kidnapped princess, which should earn us the trust of the Empress, which should allow us to get close enough to kidnap her. I am still not entirely keen on the whole kidnapping thing. It just makes me uncomfortable. But, that’s the job.
We outfitted and headed for the jungle on the surface of the planet. It was a hot landing but our carrier made it without incident, which is more than I can say for the second carrier, which was destroyed before it touched down. We found a couple of survivors and they have joined our patrol.
I am on point through the jungle. I am pretty comfortable with that. I am finally doing what I actually wanted to do, although this run is a little more militant that I would like. I am excited to be on a new planet, possibly meeting new species, though. It has been a long time since I have done anything like this and my skills are a little… maybe a lot…. rusty.
Well, things are going like things usually go for me. We deployed from the ship and was (bad) luck would have it, one of the Jedi and I tripped each other up. His lightsaber and my glow rod somehow got turned on. Lit up the LZ like a god damned spotlight. So, of course, if there were any amount of surprise, coming in on a carrier, it is surely gone, now.
We captured one of the natives. It seems they, or some of them, have some kind of communal link with the animals in the region. We ended up in a three way standoff, us one of the Jedi, and a dinosaur of all things. Things were settled and I wonder if we will see Cholak (the captured native) again. And, I may have pissed off a Jedi. We’ll see how that plays out. I figure I have a pissed off bounty hunter that hates me, why not have a Jedi on my ass, as well. Fuck my life.
Well, great. I got us lost. Nothing makes me feel better than getting a group of people lost in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING JUNGLE. Yes. That will instill trust in the people you are with.

Thodo's Log, Entry 8

The awkward situation in the control room was broken by the appearance of three padawan peers. It was a welcome interruption, and a quick departure was made.

Master Loka decided to take a group of us to the surface of Onderan. Apparently the death of these men and creature are cause for celebration. I was not in a position to complain however. Seeing a planet full of wildlife, including new jungles and creatures is something I was looking forward to. I believe I’m realizing that I have a sense of wanderlust in myself. Leaving Ithor, regardless of the circumstances, was not unpleasant and my time at the Jedi Temple, although worthwhile, was hard to be comfortable with.

Onderan is a beautiful planet, although I suppose that is just an opinion as there are people would say the same about Coruscant. The ambassadors of Shu’rin seem to be friendly enough, and a celebration was held for those of us who came to the surface. The food was mediocre, the company was pleasant, the entertainment was strange. Nevertheless, Stacy, an old friend, joined us. It was a surprise to see her there, and although I have no reason to be attached to her, I found that I had missed her presence.

The people here believe in omens, myths, and legends. They claimed that one had a strong presence here the evening of the celebration. A strange and decrepit bird appeared in the hall and a man dropped dead. It was a strange occurrence, and I took the bird specimen for later investigation.

Late in the evening Shu’rin was assaulted by people I know nothing about. Mos Loka called us to action, but killing these men mindlessly seemed meaningless. I commandeered a military creature from the stable and decided a distraction was best. These men were attacking the palace itself, so I drew there attention and my new beast friend and I brought them on a wild chase. The speed and intelligence of these blind beasts are terribly impressive. We were able to lessen the enemy force via our distraction and escape relatively unscathed.

Lobacca’s arm was destroyed in the combat. I feel no remorse for the rider I killed…

Section of Stacy's diary.

A section from Stacy’s diary, after meditating and talking with her mentor Gary. A way for her to cope with what has happened.

A misguided trust, mixed with an ideal place
she stood with him, face to face

A mission for one, a tool for the other
a relationship, that would go no further

Into his eyes, she did leer
pulling her knives, as she neared

A knife goes in, blood gushes out
dreams of a long life, were put in doubt

She gives two strikes, both deep and clean
knowing quite well, she will be seen

His eyes look down, the candles dim
a bellowing cry, all thats left of him

Her mission complete, she lifts her eyes
the guards shocked, as their boss dies

They rush at her, firing their guns
both knowing, what must be done

Cloaked in his blood, dodging the blasts
she charges in, to kill them fast

She ends them quick, the way she was taught
from that fateful day, when her home was lost

All three are dead, mission complete
yet two more objectives, she wishes to meet

First to the room, to make sure its clear
she grabs the case, someone is near

On a shelf, through some books
She hears a noise, and takes a look

A man was there, but choose to flee
what did he hear, what did he see

This mystery, would have to wait
She was running behind, for an important date

Leaving the room, the alarm goes off
each beep sounding, as the Hutt’s scoff

She moves quick, sneaks to the cell
as an imp, traversing through hell

Avoiding the sight, of the gods above her
for many would come, if they caught sight of her

Through two doors, and the welcome center
she heads for the cell, of her treasured mentor

The door opens, he knows not how to feel
has the Hutt, made her a deal

She sets him free, a smile on her face
giving his fears, a much needed chase

They part ways, to meet at the front door
in his wake, guards dead on the floor

They go straight, for the hanger bay
she explains why, on the way

Before the two, this station leave
a precious item, she must retrieve

To take it back, from where it came
keeping it safe, and its condition the same

They boarded the ship,seeking to trade
but the jedi decided, blood needed to be payed

She killed the pilot, did not feel right
they never were going, to join the fight

Ready to act, on the jedi she gazed
her mind became clouded, with a death filled haze

Leaping forward, using her might
damage she dealt, was very light

She found her bearings, dodge the lightsaber
was at this time, Gary did save her

Using a move, she had never seen
brought the jedi, to his knees

Seeing the darkness, bringing his student low
Gary delivers, the final blow

The jedi’s body, now growing cold
darkness on her, was taking hold

Seeing his student, standing there lame
He took action, to free her of pain

“This path my pupil, has not been easy
now close your eyes, and meditate with me”

Thodo's Log, Entry 7
No Need for a Judge

Mos Loka decided to divide our forces. Master Eben was given charge of Master Landsurfer, Master Tano, and myself. Finding and taking over the control tower was the task that we were given.

Before parting ways with the larger group we were accosted from behind by what I can only assume was the stations automatic defenses. Masters Eben and Landsurfer showed their skills with their blades and quickly dispatched the droids. I had no qualms with this action, no life was snuffed out, and being able to use my skills in battle was quite refreshing (training with trees for the past year has been nearly unbearable).

After finding a station map (which frankly made little sense), we were able to find our way to the elevator that would take us to the control room. Rarely does technology serve it’s purpose without error, so the flickering lights and cramped elevator were no surprise. Nor was it a surprise when the elevator malfunctioned and created a deathtrap. I feel somewhat helpless when it comes to physical feats, although maybe I’m just not confident enough. Surely this training period must have been beneficial. Nevertheless, due to the quick thinking of my companions we achieved safety.

We eventually made it to the control room, but a native beast had infiltrated the station somehow. I tried to communicate with the creature, but confusion and aggression were all I could understand. Master Eben dealt a blow that left the creature in pure agony. There was almost no hope for recovery, but Eben refused to put the creature out of it’s misery. Taking the life of an innocent creature was not something I hoped to have to do on this “peace mission,” but it seems that I was terribly mistaken.

I tried to study the creature with hopes of being able to communicate for effectively with creatures of its ilk if I encounter them. In the mean time, it was revealed that we may be stuck on a space-bound nuclear missile silo…

Talking with Gary
Stacy's adventure to kill a hut.

“So Stacy, what has happened since we last talked?”

Well teacher, as you know, I was offered a chance to find out who killed my village, and the price for that knowledge was to kill my, I mean, our boss. I was very willing to do such a thing, but was unable to think of a way to accomplish it. But, the galaxy must see the need for balance to be restored to me, for they gave me the chance I needed.

Shortly after landing at the Jedi school, I received a message from the Hutt, telling me to steal this (she holds up the holocron) and to bring it to him personally. I could not in good conscience take it, without telling someone I would bring it back, so I told Varus. She was not aware of what I was going to take, or where, or for what end, she simply knew I would bring it back.

After taking the holocron, I met up with Travis and some others. I guess some of the other associates were in the middle of a deal, and I was expected to help. We waited around for a contact to show up, and in the process, found out that we were being watched. Turns out we were all very high people of interest. Upon killing the men watching us, a group of bounty hunters came for us. Using a couple grenades, they left us alone.

Shortly there after, the contact showed up, and after a brief moment of tension, the trade was done. Some kid for something else. I didn’t really care, I was focused on my mission, and not much else.

The next day, I was picked up by a driver for the Hutts and brought to this station. Unknown to the ship I was on, Arlen and Dick were following behind, with the help of a tracker that was put into the ship I was on. It seemed we were all going to the same place, but for different reasons.

Upon meeting the Hutt, I was questioned about my loyalty, about you. I told him I was loyal to him. He then took me to see you. I was surprised to see you in cuffs and in a cell. I never thought his paranoia would set him against you. Then again, it kept him from looking at me, which was a good thing in the end.

After seeing you, I was sent to my room. I grew bored quickly and went to the docking area. I grew interested when I saw this ship pull in. I saw the man and woman come out of it, and I decided to talk to them. On my way to them, I could not help but notice that the cameras were very interested in me, guess the Hutt wasn’t completely trusting of me.

I introduced myself to the pair, and they let me follow them to the Hutt’s room. Turned out they were the ones coming to collect the Holocron, and pay for it. I watched as the man opened the Holocron, and I heard some of what it said. Some kind of teachings for jedi or something. They payed, and left.

After that I asked to talk to the Hutt alone, we walked out onto a balcony of sorts and even though I hadn’t received the signal, I had to take the chance I was given. I stood in front of the Hutt so the guards couldn’t see me, and I struck his neck, 3 times before he died, but I wasn’t skilled enough to stop his death rattle. The guards came for me, I charged at them and once they were dealt with, I went back to the room.

Once in the room, I heard something from the bookcase, but could not see tell what it was. I took my stuff, the briefcase and went to get you.

Now that my story is done, I ask for you to help me meditate. I have been losing my center, and am losing focus.

“Yes my pupil, lets begin.”

Hot Chicks and Stunned Dicks
A day in the life of Arlen

Managed to hack the system and found a map to the beacon control. It was a painful enough process, but I found it. Off we went!

We found the beacon control room and I popped the lock with no trouble. After getting in to the beacon control room I managed to get the power running and found the beacon control computer. After hacking into that system, I found several options, including something called the Omega Protocol and an encoded schematic for something. I don’t know what it is, yet, but it could be useful. So, I downloaded the schematic to my comlink then checked out the Omega Protocol. As it turns out, the OP is a damned self-destruct option that will shoot a nuclear payload into the nearby pulsar causing a massive solar flare. So, yeah, I deleted that program. I then activated the beacon, removed the collar from the Twi’leck that Dick rescued… I have no idea who she is or why we are rescuing her. Or even if we are actually rescuing her.

So, we left the beacon control and I said to hell with accosting the Jedi, went to the cantina and got myself a martini.

Dick… well, things didn’t go well for him. While in the cantina Dick was accosted by security, he resisted and was stunned. In the FACE!
I continued to enjoy my martini.

The schematics are for “Project Calista” – some kind of stealth fighter. I’m going to hang on to these for a while. Maybe see what I can do with them or see if I can offload them for a healthy profit.

Well, that seems to be that. I asked Kay’la (the Twi’leck) out to dinner so we went out for a bite to eat and chatted for a while.
All in all, not a bad day’s work.

Thodo's Log, Entry 6

The final trial:

A strange test was given to my “class” of jedi. It was our final test, and seems to have been some sort of vision quest. The force was meant to lead us to a path which presented itself in the form of three lit caves. The force led me to none, so in the spirit of neutrality I chose the center cave which happened to be red. A cave filled with burning air caused mild perturbation, but led out to peaceful grassy knoll. I attuned myself to the force as well as I could, and quickly realized I was in a vision.

I was presented with what seemed another choice at this point. In any direction I could choose an array of heavenly bodies. The planet below me offered the only thing familiar, so I made an effort to go down and find myself on this planet. I found what seemed to be myself, but so much has changed since I last examined myself. I seemed older, haggard, confused almost. My youthfulness has come close to fully leaving me it would seem…I can’t decide if this is positive or not. My examination was short lived, as I turned to find a star floating uncomfortably close behind me. However, it seems that this star had a life of it’s own (which it quickly and painfully shared with me)…it would appear that there is life in more things in this universe than I had initially thought.

This experience brought an interesting conflict to my mind. There is surely life in many things, and although I have gained much respect for life while I’ve been here, I have also come to feel that is something that must be earned and deserved. The jedi surely don’t find life itself to be sacred, and although that thought passed through my mind, I feel that it is certainly a foolish train of thought. However, I don’t agree with all of the Jedi’s thoughts on this matter. They seem to feel they have some sort of divine providence to choose who deserves life. If they have this right, when in my opinion they put little thought into their decisions, then I certainly have the right to make this choice myself. I am convinced that I am a more suitable judge and executioner than most of these Jedi are.

I am still contemplating what it means to take life from the undeserving. Does it bring power to the one who takes it? Is it an act that the universe requires, and so in a sense fate has already taken the life of the undeserving? Certainly I must create a more solid guideline on which to judge… Nevertheless, these thoughts are morbid, and I only wish to entertain them for so long.

I visited my Teradon friend again…it seems she is to be a mother. I am happy for her, and it seems she was happy and proud also. I long to be able to understand her thoughts, but my efforts seemed to fall short this time. Master Pho was interested in my interactions with these creatures, and he helped me hone my telepathic abilities.

I was made a Jedi Knight, although I wasn’t given the symbol and weapon of those I suppose I must call brothers. I am not adept with a blade, but I can’t help but still feel this was a slight that I’m afraid I won’t be forgetting for quite some time.

We were sent on a mission. I’m extremely conflicted to follow the Jedi’s chosen judgment, but I felt one mission would not be detrimental was put on a universal scale. I saw no inherent reason for these people who we were assaulting to die, but I have to admit ignorance of the galaxy’s politics. I would have preferred capture over kill, but tensions were high and the atmosphere was chaotic. I took the opportunity to attempt to calm myself in the heat of battle and let the force lead my shots. If nothing else, this encounter was good practice.

Hack this!

Well, so far the infiltration has gone well. I managed to hook the escape pod into the beacon station and we snuck in with no attention drawn. Call that a win. After some sneaking and creeping we found a terminal I could slice. We snuck into the maintenance section and found some suits and tools to use as a disguise. I am happy to say that I did not kill anyone, but very unhappy to say that the psychotic (or pragmatic) droid killed the schmuck napping in the maintenance room. I tracked the docking bay for the fighters and we made our way to the control tower. After getting by some helpful guards (the luckiest day of my life, it seems) we stunned the operators and I did a masterful hack job and jammed the hangar bay and installed a virus to shut the system down. We stuffed the operators into a closet and began our movement to the beacon control.

I have an itch on the back of my neck that makes me feel like shit is about to go very, very badly.

Thodo's Log, Entry 5

A lesson on the Dark Side today. Apparently they have the ability to imbue objects with their power. This is not a power that I have seen from these Jedi. I must say that showing us the power of the force and then asking us not to embrace it seems somewhat foolish. Words won’t affect my choice, I will see what the forbidden facets of the force offer as well. Nevertheless, I will heed their warnings and not embrace it haphazardly.

Honestly, I don’t see what these people’s fascination with primitive stick weapons is. Today we were forced to enter some sort of competition to prove our skill and gain honor or glory or something. It was all rather silly. Truthfully, I don’t understand how a competition of this sort supports the teachings that have been told me. Peace, serenity, harmony…these things have no place in this competition. It’s no matter…

I was matched with the less than impressive Sorus Cant. She claimed to have as much interest as I did in competing, however her effort in our battle was far more than mine. No worries, I have been given a free day now.

There’s still nothing I enjoy more than using my blaster in tandem with the power of the force. I do appreciate the connection with this power that I’ve strengthened here, and out of respect for those here I have been choosing easier targets, but those that won’t suffer mortal wounds. This practice brings me all the things they say should be achieved through the force: peace, knowledge, serenity, and harmony. I will not give up on this feeling or this practice.

These Teradons have once again struck me with a strange feeling. This time it was a bit more serious I’m afraid. Strange dreams are not uncommon to me since I’ve began my training, in fact, flying is not unknown to me in these dreams. I’ve always felt that it was some connection with training in “telekinesis,” but maybe it is something different. I found myself atop the wall this morning with no trace of how I got up there. If sleepwalking has become an issue that is one thing, but in my dream I flew. In my dream I feel I was a Teradon, or maybe I wasn’t…

I approached Master Pho, who seemed almost as disinterested as I in the martial display that was going on. He showed significant interest in my dream, which calmed me a bit. He offered to explore with me the location I am being drawn to.

The trek through the wilderness was cold and troublesome as usual, but it was at least as enjoyable as the average training day. Pho was a pleasant companion in comparison to some of the people here, and his interest in my situation was encouraging to say the least. It appears I have some connection with the Teradons…they allowed me to enter their home and commune with them for a time. I couldn’t quite speak with their leader, but I could feel her thoughts in a way. She didn’t seem enthusiastic to see me, but somewhere between apathy and kindness is more than I imagined I would have. My request to visit them again was approved, and I look forward to seeing them again. These creatures seem so much more than those back home…but maybe my connection with life has grown stronger in my time here.

Master Pho seems to truly be attuned with the Force. He is the first one here that it seems I would willingly offer my full respect.

A side note:
Master Xia is sad and secretive. I doubt it is any of my concern, but caring of the well-being of all those here is something that is expected.

Arlen #4 (or The Day We Didn't Kill Anyone)

Things were a little more low key, this time. Elten had us track down a Twi’leck slaver named “Deel”. Seems this ass-hat enslaves his own people. I dislike slavers as a general rule, but to enslave your own? Madness.

Dick went off and found us some security uniforms and I found an unused terminal to slice in to. I managed to locate Deel’s ship (bay 8) and even managed to put a security lockdown on it. Took a little more effort than I like, to get it done, but all in all, not a bad day.

Once Dick got back we put on the uniforms and headed for bay 8 where we found the ship already being serviced and searched, which made it a little easier for us to slip in and do our thing. I planted the tracker and we slipped out.

Followed Deel to a “white hole”, which I nearly flew in to. I am most comfortable at the helm but today was just not my day. Luckily, the ship is tough and maneuverable and we all made it out alive.

Loaded up in the escape pod (part of the plan, not an emergency) and jettisoned to the station.

End of part 4


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