Vouda Kaas

Jedi Master and founder of Jedi temple on Coruscant


]Vouda is of a short and stocky insectoid race known as the Gran. He is ruddy brown in color with his two eye bulbs on the top of his head, giving him 360 degree eyesight. He generally dresses in a gray or brown robe and his lightsaber is a deep indigo.


Vouda Kaas originally learned the ways of the force under a man called the Old Man of Soro, who was a mystic located on the far moon of Vault (a planet in the Wrath System). Vouda left Soro to seek out others who could acccess the force like him. After he did, he returned to Soro with his new friends so they could learn from his old master. However, he discovered that the Old Man was dead, as were all of the pilgrims who had traveled to learn from him.

Kaas sought out the killer, tracking the murderer all the way to the 3rd moon of Onderon. There he fought a mysterious human male who wore a golden mask. However, Vouda was defeated, narrowly escaping with his life.

Now Vouda trains others as he was once trained by the Old Man of Soro. However, he is wary of what may be out there and the darkness he once saw in a man he doesn’t know.

Vouda Kaas

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