Varis Tano

Duathe Jedi Apprentice


Varis is a young and lithe Duathic woman in her early teens. She is Auburn in color with tribal markings on her face and shoulders. She carries a red lightsaber and she has possession of her former master’s blue lightsaber as well.


Varis Tano joined the Jedi Order with the hope that she might one day bring peace to her people, the Duathe, who have been mired in a brutal civil war for decades. She spent 1 year as a Padawan at the Jedi Temple on Corscant before she was assigned the rank of Apprentice and placed under Jedi Master Gosu. The mission to escort Horace Nau into the Black Friar Mountains on Coyne was her first mission as a Jedi Apprentice. Master Gosu died while in Gold City on Crowne, and so she forged ahead with the party as its lone Jedi representative.

The mission to the Black Friar Base proved treacherous as the entire base devolved into chaos. However, with the help of her new found friend and mentor, Stacy, Varis was able to fight her way out. Now Varis faces a crossroads and she prepared to return to the Jedi Temple and return the lightsaber of her deceased master.

Varis Tano

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