Silent Enforcer


Name: Stacy
Type: PC
Race: Twi’lek
Skin: Red
Age: 24
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130ish
Sex: Female
Eyes: Red
Tails: Red
Markings/Tattoos: Black, all over

Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 4
Force Sensitive: No

Credits: 240,000+

Dex 3D
Melee Combat 10D
Pick Pocket 5D
Dodge 7D
Blaster 5D+1

Know 4D
Languages 4D+1
Streetwise 6D+2
Survival 4D+1
Alien Spices 4D+1
Cultures 4D+1
Willpower 5D+1
Search 6D+1

Mech 1D+1
Landspeeder 2D
Flight 1D+2
Starship Gunnery 3D

Per 4D+2
Search 7D+1
Sneak 11D+2
Con 6D
Hide 6D+1
Investigate 5D+1
Gambling 5D
Persuasion 6D+2

Str 3D
Climp/Jump 5D

Tech 2D
First Aid 3D


This is a recount of the day that changed my life forever, the day that shaped me into the to woman I am today.

I was playing in the clock tower with my friend. Its funny, I never had to use her name to refer to her. All I had to tell anyone, was I was looking for my friend, and they all knew her, not because we were that close, but because it was well knows, she was the only friend I had. Anyways, we were playing in the clock tower, it was our favorite place to play. So many levels to run up, so many passage ways and false walls to hide in. My mother had told me, that the clock tower was the place were they used to hide their valuables when traders came, so they wouldn’t be stolen.

It was getting close to lunch time, and we decided to run to the top and ring the bell to let everyone know we were hungry. As we neared the top, a giant bang rang out from the center of town. I looked to see my friend still behind me, looking puzzled, we went to the top to see what had happened. Upon looking out the window, another bang, followed by shots started to be heard. “Get out of your houses, my boss is tired of you all.” A man yelled, he was tall and yellow in color. There were many different aliens with him, I couldn’t identify them all. They went from house to house looking for people. Some of our people try to fight them, but it was futile, we were not raised to fight head on. They were shot, they were the lucky ones that day.

“We must hide” I said, and we made our way to the closest falst wall. We held each other, keeping quiet as we heard them come in the clock tower. They yelled, screamed, demanding that all within come out now, or be killed. We held our breath for what seemed days, as they walked up the stairs, searching every room and hallway. I forced myself to stare at a single spot in front of me, removing myself from the surronding. My friend shoke me with half a smile “they, they said all clear, they didn’t, they didn’t find us”. I wish that would have made me happy, but I feared we were not safe. A man started to speak outside, we went to the window to see what was going on.

“Stand in a line, you all will receive your punishment for not signing the contract with my boss. All he wanted was a little of your profits to keep something like this from happening.” With a big grin on his face, he made the first person in line kneel. She was an older woman, known by all as a gossip, but she didn’t deserve what happened next. The yellow man pulled her tails back forcing her to look up, then with a quick motion of his left hand, he took a dagger from hip, and sliced her throat. Upon seeing this, my friend screamed. I quickly pulled her to me to muffle her screams. I don’t know if it was luck, but the rest of the town screamed as well, hiding the sound of my friend. The old woman’s blood flowed until her body was limp. Two men came over and tossed her body to the side.

As they went to the next my friend was unable to watch, and her cries were starting to grow. She looked up to see her brother next in line. She filled her lungs to scream for him, but I pulled her down from the window and clasped her to my chest. She cried, I held her tight. She started to pull away, I didn’t let go. She started to grasp for air, I put my chin on her head, and held her as tight as I could. Her arms started to flail, she tried to stand up, but I was bigger, and stronger. I could only imagine what she was trying to yell at me, so I leaned my mouth close to her ear and whispered, “your death, by my hand, is better then our death, by your mouth”. As she continued to fight, her arms swung less, her body grew heavy, her cries, stopped. She was dead, but I was afraid to let go.

I lifted up my head to see the slaughter. Half my village dead, half minus one, to go. There were some that tried to fight, but they were shot in the legs and dragged to the front of the line. Forced to kneel, the two men that were dragging away bodies would stand on the blaster wounds as the yellow man cut their thoats. Insult to injury I guess you could say.

I don’t know if it was by chance, or if the gods wanted it so, but the stream of blood caused by my people took a direct course to the public bath house. It did not take any turn nor vear left or right. A straight line, as straight as a stream of blood could take. It was a mystery to me at that point why it would do that, but as the years passed, I understood why.

About 20 more people to go, it begins to rain. Not hard, just enough to turn the stream of blood into a gentle river. I look down, and realize that my firend, now cold stiff, was still in my hands. I slowly let her go, and guide her body to the floor. I guess partially out of respect for her, but also becasue if she fell to hard, I may have been heard.

I returned to watch, I was waiting for the last one, my mother. She knelt without rebel, and as she lifted up her head, she looked to the clock tower. We made eye contact, but it was getting dark, and the clouds were still raining over head. As she lifted her head up the heavens, she twitched her tails, and closed her eyes. The yellow man cut her throat with a questioned look on his face. “Twelik, who was she talking to?” A young green male Twelik was in there group, he had been in our town before, he was there in. “Nothing to worry about sir, these people are superstitious.” The yellow man raised his voice “I asked, what did she say.” he started to move closer the Twelik, blade in hand. “We will continue to live on, through you.” “What the hell does that mean?” The green male gathering himself said “I told you sir, superstition. These villagers believed that when they die, their souls or life force would not perish, but be returned to the stars.” The yellow man laughed “I guess we did them a favor.”

“Toss her on the pile, as soon as this rain stops, we will finsish this and leave, till then, loot what you can.” A roar of cheers goes out by the group as they walk to each house and store. Knowing they will come to the clock tower, I drag my friend to the same false wall as before, I push her in, and follow behind. A few seconds later, the lights of the building go on, rays of light shine through the small cracks of the wall. One ray illuminates my friends face, showing my her eyes are still open. I lean over to the close them, but I stop myself and sit back down. I stare into her eyes, her cold, dead, lifeless eyes. I force myself to see her as she was before this, I look into her eyes to see all the village as they were before this day. I would not let this by the lasting memory I would keep, they will live on through me.

I am snapped out of my thinking by the yellow man, “its done boys, ship out or be left behind.” I retract the wall, and head to the window to see them leave. Before I can stick my head up, I can smell how they finished the job. Upon lifting my head, I can see there vehicles in the distance, due to the fire in the center of town. I grab hold of my friend, and take her downstairs. I find a cart nearby and put her in it. I gather all my strength and run with the cart as close as I dare to the blaze and release it, letting her be added to the pile. “Be with your family” is all I could muster to say.

As I looked around the pile, I could still identify many of the faces, the clothes, the colors of my family and fellow villagers. As I look down, I see the remnats of the stream of blood. I follow it to the bath house. I looked upon the main bath, filled with blood. All the colors combined due to the rain had caused a light red color. I approched the stairs “My people, I ask for your strength to live a life worthy of you, and the ability to avenge you.” I take the first step and then the second, I continue until I am covered in the blood. I find it easy to hold my breath, I am calm and at peace in the blood of my people. When I left the pool, I would take a second to thank the blood for its power.

As was the custom of my village, I bathed twice a day. Every day, every time, I asked them for stregnth, and ability. As the months went on, the blood got darker, seeming to stop at a crimson red. It smelled and was rotting, and was infested with rats and other vermin, but still I went, twice a day. I believed the rats understood me, or maybe they just feared me, for whenever I would approach the steps, they would scatter to the other sides of the pool, never did they bite me, never did they attack me or even hiss at me.

Three years to the date that my village was slaughted, a new group of men showed up, but they were not there to kill, but to help. “You, red Twelik, what happened here?” I looked at him with question, I was not a red twelik, I was….looking down at my hands….my skin had turned red, the blood must have done this.


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