Mos Loka

Blade Master of the Jedi Temple


Jedi Master Mos Loka is the foremost authority in the Galaxy on wielding the exotic Jedi weapon known as the “lightsaber”. He is also one of the two inventors of the weapon (along with Vouda Kaas). Every student who graduates from the Jedi Temple must pass the trials that Mos and Vouda have designed for any Jedi who wish to wield such their own blade.

Mos Loka is a member of the Yannick species. He and Vouda met during the Correllian Civil War. Mos’s reputation with the lightsaber was forged during that time as it was he who held the gate of Pan Vatilla by himself against General Holt’s “Red Brigade” for nearly a day before Kam Solstice’s forces could arrive.


Mos Loka

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