Margrave of Trove

Great Master who covertly supports the Replicant Insurgency


And older member of the Great Masters, the Margrave of Trove tends to travel with great fanfare and pomp. In public, the Margrave is never without his troupe of 12 trained dancers (replicants).


When the PCs arrived at the Insurgent base on Crowne, the Lady Ice had this to say about the Margrave of Trove:

To date, Lady Ice is the only member of the Great Masters to abandon her station and join the Replicant Insurgency on Crowne.

When the PC’s traveled to Crowne with Horace Nau, Lady Ice was there to greet them. The following is an excerpt of what she said:

“The Margrave is the ruling party on the border world of Vault. He personally oversees any strays, runaways, or even abandoned replicants that make it to us here in the Black Friars. He is also our chief contact for arms and equipment. Don’t ask me how he has kept us so well equipped. I only know that he is very, very good at keeping us armed, sheltered, and fed.”

Margrave of Trove

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