Lady Ice

Formerly of the Great Masters, Lady Ice now supports the Replicant Insurgency


Lady Ice is a younger member of the Great Masters, the ruling race of The Kingdom.


To date, Lady Ice is the only member of the Great Masters to abandon her station and join the Replicant Insurgency on Crowne.

When the PC’s traveled to Crowne with Horace Nau, Lady Ice was there to greet them. The following is an excerpt of what she said:

“You may be surprised to see one of the Great Masters among the replicant insurgency. Well, I’ll have you know that there are actually two of us: Myself and the Margrave of Trove have been active in this rebellion since its beginning. It was I who first assisted a few dozen replicants who had taken up arms against their masters. Back then they were no more than a few escapees who had made common cause and were hoping to make it safely out of the system, perhaps to the Confederacy and their “Jedi”. But I convinced them then that they could be more than that. Melodia was among that first group and she has been the leader ever since.”

“Only in the last year was it necessary for me to overtly join the cause. This is because we have long been both the logistical and the intelligence ends of the rebellion. Until this spring, I was a senior member of Crowne’s Intelligence department, but an ongoing internal investigation brought my time with them to a close. Fortunately, the Margrave was able to smuggle me here as he has so many."

Lady Ice

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