Jedi Master Pho

Lotan Eben's master, one of original 7


Pho me Vouda during his time with the Old Man of Soro. When Vouda left to seek out his own destiny, Pho stayed. He found he preferred the quiet, contemplative, and philosophical life of a monk, and had no desire to pursue the adventure that so ate at the younger Vouda.

Pho was away the night the Old Man of Soro was killed, or perhaps things would have gone differently. Pho was one of the elder students and so he was entrusted to make the supply runs (or as Pho called them: “grocery errands”) for the temple. He returned to an empty hall full of dead bodies.

Things have changed a lot since that day for Pho. He is now a teacher, and in contrast to his earlier career as a Jedi, he is now the most well traveled of the seven Jedi Masters. His current apprentice is the young Lotan Eben, a promising and idealistic young man. Pho seems to have a greater opinion on Lotan’s potential than many of the other masters, particularly Xian Xia (who has a low opinion on all of the humans). Pho has also kept a close eye on Phil, whom they met searching for Varis. Phil has befriended Lotan, and Pho has been pleased to note that they have become sparring partners during their training.

Jedi Master Pho

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