Boris Cain

Duro Bounty Hunter and quick draw specialist.


He is a Duro male with blue skin and he stands around 5’10". He usually wears his trademark trench coat and wide brimmed hat, along with his two customized heavy blaster pistols. Although he is past middle age, Cain moves with a fluid grace that belies his age.Boris_Cain_II.jpg


Boris Cain is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. When he was young, the Duro grew up on the mean streets of Celanon City where he worked as a pickpocket and sneak thief. He was caught by a bounty hunter as a youth, and instead of turning the young thief in for the reward, the bounty hunter decided to Mentor his new find and train the young Duro in the ways of the hunter.

Boris’ mentor has long since passed away (during a firefight on Alderaan with a Mandalorian mercenary company), but Boris has been on the right side of the law ever since. Called “the fastest gun on the Outer Rim”, Boris has gained a reputation for the brutal efficiency with which he hunts his targets.

Boris Cain

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