Arika Sunrider

Alderaanian Jedi Master


Arika Sunrider is one of the original seven Jedi Masters who founded the Jedi Temple of Coruscant. Vouda Kaas and Arika met each other through happenstance before either knew anything about the Jedi. When Vouda Kaas was working as a roustabout on a Corellian Shipping Galley, his ship – the Verdant – made a stop at a place called the Koto Station which was (and still is) in orbit around the planet of Alderaan. It was here that Vouda ran into a young woman named Arika who had just become a ward of the Koto Station (voluntarily). It was Arika who reached out to Vouda with her mind (using the power “projective telepathy”) and she was stunned when he was able to speak back to her.

Via Telepathy, Vouda revealed to Arika that he was intending to meet with someone he knew as “The Old man of Soro” in order to find out if he could control some of the strange abilities he was discovering he had. Arika revealed to Vouda that she too had some of the same powers, and so she stowed away on the Verdant and the two jumped ship together. And the rest they say is history, the two have been fast friends ever since.

Arika is an Alderaanian woman in her early twenties, and she is athletic, daring, and quick with a joke or a word of encouragement. Arika is not quite as powerful a force user as Vouda, but she is one of the most experienced and knowledgaable Jedi Masters at the Temple. She is also one of the most beautiful, and she is admired, respected, and loved by students male and female alike.

Arika is typically one of the first mentors for any and all new recruits to the Jedi Temple.

Arika Sunrider

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