Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 9

Time to think

Trekking through the jungle has been long and arduous. Pleasant enough for me. My companions were afraid of the “jungle man” and lizard we saw yesterday, but I barely remember them by this point.

We arrived on a bluff outside the large encampment at the base of a volcano this morning. It may be travelling through the night that has made me hazy, but I barely remember why we’ve come here. Apparently maintaining this alliance with the local lords of this planet is of utmost importance. We’ve been told to assault a town-sized encampment of wild men to save one girl. It seems quite foolish, and the reasoning behind the order must be questioned.

This thought gives way to another. Should the Jedi be aligning themselves with anyone? Shouldn’t the be the mediators of disputes throughout the galaxy. Certainly the values they profess to maintain would show them to be suitable and a impartial party when needed. Shouldn’t their reputation precede them and win them favor with everyone, as opposed to choosing who to ally with and running errands for them? Maybe I’m being to idealistic and not realizing that the scenario is solely searching for saviors of a young girl, not someone to solve a larger dispute. Certainly saving the life of young girl is noble, but killing many in the process seems inevitable and cancels out any good that might be done. It is not that I find myself too righteous to be among their ranks, just that I find any sense of stability impossible to grasp.

While considering these things, Stacy ran off to gather intel. That’s what we believed at least. I have not seen her since, nor have I seen the others that went out to scout out the city. There was definitely more going on than was apparent however. Scattered messages through the comms and explosions on the mountain side lead me to believe there was trouble. Varus decided our best course of action was to disrupt the power generators of the encampment in hopes of causing a distraction. Following that plan quickly got us caught and outnumbered. I was told that our 6 fighting twelve would not end well (although I’ve seen Varus fight three men on her own at once) so we surrendered.

Riding the pterodans was the most pleasant experience of the day, although ending that ride in a prison cell was not a perfect ending.

Through my meditation, I believe I have unlocked the capability of enhancing my precision even more so. I will have to test this…



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