Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 8


The awkward situation in the control room was broken by the appearance of three padawan peers. It was a welcome interruption, and a quick departure was made.

Master Loka decided to take a group of us to the surface of Onderan. Apparently the death of these men and creature are cause for celebration. I was not in a position to complain however. Seeing a planet full of wildlife, including new jungles and creatures is something I was looking forward to. I believe I’m realizing that I have a sense of wanderlust in myself. Leaving Ithor, regardless of the circumstances, was not unpleasant and my time at the Jedi Temple, although worthwhile, was hard to be comfortable with.

Onderan is a beautiful planet, although I suppose that is just an opinion as there are people would say the same about Coruscant. The ambassadors of Shu’rin seem to be friendly enough, and a celebration was held for those of us who came to the surface. The food was mediocre, the company was pleasant, the entertainment was strange. Nevertheless, Stacy, an old friend, joined us. It was a surprise to see her there, and although I have no reason to be attached to her, I found that I had missed her presence.

The people here believe in omens, myths, and legends. They claimed that one had a strong presence here the evening of the celebration. A strange and decrepit bird appeared in the hall and a man dropped dead. It was a strange occurrence, and I took the bird specimen for later investigation.

Late in the evening Shu’rin was assaulted by people I know nothing about. Mos Loka called us to action, but killing these men mindlessly seemed meaningless. I commandeered a military creature from the stable and decided a distraction was best. These men were attacking the palace itself, so I drew there attention and my new beast friend and I brought them on a wild chase. The speed and intelligence of these blind beasts are terribly impressive. We were able to lessen the enemy force via our distraction and escape relatively unscathed.

Lobacca’s arm was destroyed in the combat. I feel no remorse for the rider I killed…



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