Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 7

No Need for a Judge

Mos Loka decided to divide our forces. Master Eben was given charge of Master Landsurfer, Master Tano, and myself. Finding and taking over the control tower was the task that we were given.

Before parting ways with the larger group we were accosted from behind by what I can only assume was the stations automatic defenses. Masters Eben and Landsurfer showed their skills with their blades and quickly dispatched the droids. I had no qualms with this action, no life was snuffed out, and being able to use my skills in battle was quite refreshing (training with trees for the past year has been nearly unbearable).

After finding a station map (which frankly made little sense), we were able to find our way to the elevator that would take us to the control room. Rarely does technology serve it’s purpose without error, so the flickering lights and cramped elevator were no surprise. Nor was it a surprise when the elevator malfunctioned and created a deathtrap. I feel somewhat helpless when it comes to physical feats, although maybe I’m just not confident enough. Surely this training period must have been beneficial. Nevertheless, due to the quick thinking of my companions we achieved safety.

We eventually made it to the control room, but a native beast had infiltrated the station somehow. I tried to communicate with the creature, but confusion and aggression were all I could understand. Master Eben dealt a blow that left the creature in pure agony. There was almost no hope for recovery, but Eben refused to put the creature out of it’s misery. Taking the life of an innocent creature was not something I hoped to have to do on this “peace mission,” but it seems that I was terribly mistaken.

I tried to study the creature with hopes of being able to communicate for effectively with creatures of its ilk if I encounter them. In the mean time, it was revealed that we may be stuck on a space-bound nuclear missile silo…



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