Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 14

Babies and Bounty Hunters

This log won’t be very detailed as it spans a long period of time.

Having saved the pregnant princess, Wildheart, and Stacy from the prison, Arlen and I left Dik behind on Onderan. He had an agenda of his own that he needed to look into (likely finding his ship, although he may be dealing with some other issues also).

Arlen’s plan was to use the Hyperspace assistance apparatus located nearby the planet in order to jump us to the new location. Stacy has a strong desire to go to Alderan, and seeing as I have little say in the matter (and little desire to do anything in particular), I didn’t argue. I believe Alderan is the home of another Jedi faction. It may be interesting to see how they differ from the Jedi I know, and to see if they have any information on the Jedi who I lost on Onderan.

This system seems to be completely shut down to those without permissions however. When we arrived at the location to enter Hyperspace we were turned away. It would be months worth of travel to get to our location without going into hyperspace, but it was the only way. I don’t wish what I’ve endured on anyone. Being in the presence of an uptight, entitled, pregnant young woman for a day is rather taxing, being with them for months in close quarters is painful. I often make jokes at Wildheart’s expense, but I feel that it’s my way of coping with her attitude toward me. I wish her no ill will, but she seems not to appreciate my company. However, it was inevitable that I would become somewhat invested in her and her child’s wellbeing. I think the current plan is to send her away when we arrive on Alderan, but I feel that she would fall to her fate quickly if that’s the case…

We stopped on a planet to resupply, and were chased by a bounty hunter. I was able to read his mind and find out that Princess Wildheart has a sizable bounty on her head (2 million credits I believe). Having her with us is a danger, letting her go alone will almost ensure her and her child’s death. Perhaps we can find her a safe place with the Jedi on Alderan, although I’m not sure if they accept random wanderers who bring trouble with them… but we will see.

I am concered for Wildheart, her death seems imminent unless she finds a safe place. I am concerned for Stacy, she seems rather unstable. I am concerned for Arlen, he seems to be a good man lost in a world of corruption and evil. I am concerned for Dik, he returned to a planet in turmoil and seems to have a dangerous plan in mind. I am concerned for the Jedi I lost on Onderan, i can only hope for their safety. I am concerned for myself, since my plans are not going well. It is hard to train and become more powerful sitting on a ship for months. My blaster rifle hasn’t been given the chance to practice in a long time.

Stacy has a friend she needs to find. She says he is a prisoner on one of the facilities on the moons of Alderan. These prisons seem terrible places…I’m excited to help.



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