Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 13

Does Age Create Wisdom?

After the events of tonight, I would argue it does not. However, there are complications to that conclusion that makes it unreliable.

The Empress insisted on returning to her planet against my advisement. She made a promise of peace and beneficial trade for us. Though both of those things would be satisfactory, I couldn’t help but believe that the Empress would inevitably die due to this decision. I was not in the position to affect this decision, so I tried my best to preserve life as I could. Surely if the Empress was a woman of her word, peace would be achievable on this planet.

The queen led us through her city streets where even her own people didn’t recognize her. Eventually we met with her guard captain who immediately seemed untrustworthy to Dik. Dik impressed me with his people skills this evening, and his judgment of this man’s character was very spot on. I tried to convince the Empress to be wary of her former friend and ally, but she insisted on falling into his waiting arms.

He led us into what I can only call an ambush, although there was no violence. It seems Dik’s employer (or former employer possibly) had a necessity to take the Empress and have her tested for being a replicant. Which brings me to the issue which punches hole in my understanding. The Empress in every way portrayed to me to be foolish and driven by her emotions. She supposedly cared only for her daughter and planet, and she made decisions based on that. It forced me to believe she was severely lacking wisdom. However, does a replicant have the capability of making wise decisions…then again, does a replicant have the capability of making emotional decisions? It seems like it would be even less likely. Nevertheless, Elton (Dik’s employer) ordered his turncoat captain to lead us to Stacy’s cell. Dik seems to have a connection with Stacy, and I can’t deny that she’s extremely valuable in a fight.

We worked our way down to her cell and found her tortured and a passed out Princess Wildheart. Saving her seemed simple and potentially beneficial. With Stacy’s lead, Dik’s quick thinking, and my…carrying capabilities. We were able to make it out and meet Arlen on his ship. It seems I may have found a new group to travel with, although I have concern for my old Jedi friends on the planet. In hindsight, it may have been wise to see if they were in the prison before fleeing… I may need to learn to be a bit more judgmental of myself.



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