Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 12


My fellow jedi Ulic seems to be in a dark place. It seems he has had a rough time as of late. There were rumours that he was having what some may call an affair with Master Shia. These rumours have been confirmed to Arlen and me by Ulic himself. It also seems to be that Ulic has very little desire to be a jedi and is going through the actions solely to keep from being sent away as a prisoner indefinitely. I am not adept at dealing with the emotion of others, but did what I could to comfort him. He had a lot to say…

I was given a mission to escort the Empress to meet with the Rebel Empress (her daughter). Dic and Arlen were to go along, I will be the sole Jedi representative. However, Dic and Arlen seem to have been very direct with me about their intentions. I feel that helping them may be what’s best for this planet and lead to us being able to leave this place. This planet can rule itself…

We also discovered that Trilium is being mined (or was being mined) by the Great Masters. I know almost nothing of them, but this mining facility we found seems to have been a secret. I took a portion of the Trilium to examine myself. I have some suspicions about it and need to see if any of them come to fruition. Dic and Arlen also stashed a ship in the abandoned mining facility as a get away in case things go poorly at the meeting.

I was optimistic that this meeting between the Empress and her daughter would be safe and easy, but of course that wasn’t the case. I was again was unaware of all that was happening and through my precautions I made them aware of an ambush. It seems that a faction of the Empress’ military decided to turn on her. I attempted to save the princess, but she once again was stubborn to my attempts to help. She most certainly died. We were able to escape with the Empress, though she is frail and incapable. This family quarrel is foolish and grating on me.

Leaving the planet’s atmosphere was thrilling. It felt as if I was free…but that feeling was quickly dashed with the words, “I want to go back.” This woman is infuriating, but I have no control over my current course of actions. It may be my path to fulfill this, hopefully this will all be revealed to me in time.



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