Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 11

Finally Some Wisdom

After the two bounty hunters regrouped with us, Varis insisted on speaking with the Princess herself. I escorted her and Exar into the city to speak with the Princess. The bounty hunters story seems to be accurate. The Princess does not want to leave, and someone must be left behind to control the chaos. Surely with the Princess in control of the city, peace has been achieved in a way? Violence has brought about the potential peace of two cities. It’s confusing and surely inefficient, but the jedi may have chosen a successful course of action.

Returning to the city without the Princess will surely be seen and a failure to succeed, but I feel confident that the situation is currently at it’s best. I will not return the Princess against her will, although I foresee that being the ordered to retrieve her by force will happen.

I made a point to speak with Master Loka when I returned. I shared my concerns with him about Varis leadership and Phil’s tendency toward violent solutions. Finally, a jedi showed understanding, respect, and wisdom. Although Master Loka did very little to act on my concerns, taking them into account and taking interest in them is more than I can say for most of the Jedi. I cannot see myself staying with the Jedi, but there are some among their ranks that I will not forget, nor will I forget what they’ve taught me if I do leave.

I miss Lobacca…I miss freedom…and for maybe the first time I miss my home. This situation has made me wish I had some tasty antflies. Surely my first purchase if I every am able to earn some money.



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