Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Thodo's Log, Entry 10

Fire and Flying

Prison is not pleasant, but the company of the other jedis is somewhat comforting. However, their presence is offset by the unsettling presence of a seemingly crazy person. Noah Valkir was another prisoner in the cells. A sex slave and torture subject of the Witch of Onderran, he told us his story and almost broke himself in the process.

This witch seems unpleasant. At first I was curious about her, but if what Noah says is true (which I believe), I must admit to myself that curiosity is not always as harmless as I imagined. Not all people deserve to have their thoughts and actions allowed, I may even go as far as to say some people deserve to have their thoughts and actions denied and rooted out. If a person does as this woman does, it is only right to stop her in order to stop others suffering. Then… It’s possible Noah was not a wholesome person himself. Judging others is difficult, but I will increase my capabilities.

It seems that Stacy had expertly negotiated a deal for the jedi and other prisoners to be involved in a hostage trade. I would say this is impressive. Our mission would end up being a failure, but no harm done and the mission could be begun again. That is, all this could have been done except for my foolish comrades decided that this peaceful solution was not adequate. The jedi stole the guns from a number of guards and opened fire. Being in the middle of an hostile city, I chose to forgo immediate violence and try to complete the mission.

I was able to speak to a small flock of pteradons just as a large explosion shook the city. I helped them escape their burning stable and in return they helped me gather my allies. If nothing else, the princess and my gun were necessary to acquire before leaving the city. I found Stacy and the princess, but Stacy said that taking the princess back to the city was not the right move currently. Stacy is the only person in this group that I would trust to make correct decisions in situations like this. The jedi are too unpredictable and inexperienced, the others I don’t know at all. I left Stacy to care for the princess (I expect her to prove herself to me again) and found the others. Phil insisted on capturing the stubborn crazy man, which we did.

This situation fell apart in so many ways. Once again the jedi show themselves to choose murder as their preferred option. Certainly a prisoner exchange was an acceptable option, but instead tens of people have died for no reason. This is wholly hypocritical and unacceptable. The jedi prefer violence and murder even though they claim to support life and peace. The jedi align themselves with people around the galaxy instead of attempting to remain an unbiased mediator for all those they claim the force influences. How can they claim to be defenders, knights, and protectors of the universe if they cannot even reign in the actions of their own order.

I might be time for me to part ways with these jedi. I feel they have both disrespected me and done close to nothing to earn my respect. Surely there are good among their ranks, but I cannot choose to belong to an order with so many flaws and troubles. May the force guide them in their development, but I feel that it’s time for me to find my own way to harness the power and essence of the force. The jedi have helped me understand the force and hone my skills…now it’s my time to find the way to control that power.



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