Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Teaching Varus

Fear and weakness

Once getting to a place to camp for the night, Stacy sits next to Varus in private and gives her a lesson to help her grow.

I saw you were scared when the giant beast showed up, and the situation looked grim, I am going to teach you how to dismiss your fears. Fear is nothing more then the emotion we have when we don’t know. When we don’t know what is happening, we don’t know why something is going on, when we don’t know why a person or thing acts the way it does. Fear is letting the feeling of not knowing, take ahold of you. To lose fear, one must simply become curious, and look for answers. When the giant beast showed up, I became curious of why he was there, that was answered by the hostage we had, his eyes rolled back, you could see he was controlling it. I became curious as to if he would attacks, that was answered with the situation we had, if we were civil, so would the hostage and his pets. I was curious if we had to fight what would happen, it may be cruel, but I knew many would probably die or be hurt, but the strongest of us would survive or get away. I replaced fear with questions. The more questions you can answer about a situation, the less fear you should have, less fear equals a clearer head.

The second lesson I want to give you tonight is a short one. There is no fight you can not win, if you acknowledge your opponents strengths. You must not let your pride hide the advantages that your opponent has over you. It may seem backwards, but once you have seen your opponents strengths, all that remains are his weaknesses, then the fight shall be in your favor. They say if you do the hardest activity first, the rest will be easier. Suck up your pride, humble yourself to the opponents strengths, then finding there weaknesses will come easy, and so will your victory.

Get you rest Varus, and meditate on what I have told you. It will help you, both in life, and in battle.



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