Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Talking with Gary

Stacy's adventure to kill a hut.

“So Stacy, what has happened since we last talked?”

Well teacher, as you know, I was offered a chance to find out who killed my village, and the price for that knowledge was to kill my, I mean, our boss. I was very willing to do such a thing, but was unable to think of a way to accomplish it. But, the galaxy must see the need for balance to be restored to me, for they gave me the chance I needed.

Shortly after landing at the Jedi school, I received a message from the Hutt, telling me to steal this (she holds up the holocron) and to bring it to him personally. I could not in good conscience take it, without telling someone I would bring it back, so I told Varus. She was not aware of what I was going to take, or where, or for what end, she simply knew I would bring it back.

After taking the holocron, I met up with Travis and some others. I guess some of the other associates were in the middle of a deal, and I was expected to help. We waited around for a contact to show up, and in the process, found out that we were being watched. Turns out we were all very high people of interest. Upon killing the men watching us, a group of bounty hunters came for us. Using a couple grenades, they left us alone.

Shortly there after, the contact showed up, and after a brief moment of tension, the trade was done. Some kid for something else. I didn’t really care, I was focused on my mission, and not much else.

The next day, I was picked up by a driver for the Hutts and brought to this station. Unknown to the ship I was on, Arlen and Dick were following behind, with the help of a tracker that was put into the ship I was on. It seemed we were all going to the same place, but for different reasons.

Upon meeting the Hutt, I was questioned about my loyalty, about you. I told him I was loyal to him. He then took me to see you. I was surprised to see you in cuffs and in a cell. I never thought his paranoia would set him against you. Then again, it kept him from looking at me, which was a good thing in the end.

After seeing you, I was sent to my room. I grew bored quickly and went to the docking area. I grew interested when I saw this ship pull in. I saw the man and woman come out of it, and I decided to talk to them. On my way to them, I could not help but notice that the cameras were very interested in me, guess the Hutt wasn’t completely trusting of me.

I introduced myself to the pair, and they let me follow them to the Hutt’s room. Turned out they were the ones coming to collect the Holocron, and pay for it. I watched as the man opened the Holocron, and I heard some of what it said. Some kind of teachings for jedi or something. They payed, and left.

After that I asked to talk to the Hutt alone, we walked out onto a balcony of sorts and even though I hadn’t received the signal, I had to take the chance I was given. I stood in front of the Hutt so the guards couldn’t see me, and I struck his neck, 3 times before he died, but I wasn’t skilled enough to stop his death rattle. The guards came for me, I charged at them and once they were dealt with, I went back to the room.

Once in the room, I heard something from the bookcase, but could not see tell what it was. I took my stuff, the briefcase and went to get you.

Now that my story is done, I ask for you to help me meditate. I have been losing my center, and am losing focus.

“Yes my pupil, lets begin.”



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