Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Stacy's upsets and happies.

As Stacy stands there, watching Wildheart sob for her lost husband, she begins to remember the past few hours leading up to this, and how disappointed she come with the actions of others.

Upon first landing in the forest, they lost contact with home base. Disappointment sets in over that, now believing contact lost was meant to happen, that they knew the princess was not kidnapped against her will. Stacy believes that they were sent in to kidnap her back. That the Queen, who hated the savages, probably just wanted her daughter back in the city for show. This is shown through how the princess was happy as a clam being there in the village. Stacy bets that the princess was “kidnapped” with a smile on her face.

Another disappointment was upon standing outside the village, when the group was standing around wondering how to sneak into a city. Sure Stacy doesn’t like to talk unless she has to, but did all the members of the group forget they had a very highly trained assassin on the team, one who specializes in not being seen?

One happiness in the adventure happened shortly after getting into the city, being thought of has the Sith that was there greatest aide, that allowed her to move about pretty freely, and get lots of information she never would have received otherwise.

Last disappointment, after everybody had gotten there gear back and were headed to safety, only two people made any contact with Stacy, Dick (her fastly becoming partner in crime) and Thodo, who was mostly looking to finish the errand they were all on. Not once did Varus look for, contact, or search for Stacy, that is the greatest disappointment of the past many months.

So upon princess Wildheart, sobbing on the ground asking who did this, Stacy touches her shoulder and says, “Your mother. Your mother sent a group of men here to kill your husband, your adviser, and you. Sorry to say, we could only save you. Take your time to grieve for your love, but don’t take to long, your mothers punishment needs to be swift and lasting.”



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