Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Section of Stacy's diary.

A section from Stacy’s diary, after meditating and talking with her mentor Gary. A way for her to cope with what has happened.

A misguided trust, mixed with an ideal place
she stood with him, face to face

A mission for one, a tool for the other
a relationship, that would go no further

Into his eyes, she did leer
pulling her knives, as she neared

A knife goes in, blood gushes out
dreams of a long life, were put in doubt

She gives two strikes, both deep and clean
knowing quite well, she will be seen

His eyes look down, the candles dim
a bellowing cry, all thats left of him

Her mission complete, she lifts her eyes
the guards shocked, as their boss dies

They rush at her, firing their guns
both knowing, what must be done

Cloaked in his blood, dodging the blasts
she charges in, to kill them fast

She ends them quick, the way she was taught
from that fateful day, when her home was lost

All three are dead, mission complete
yet two more objectives, she wishes to meet

First to the room, to make sure its clear
she grabs the case, someone is near

On a shelf, through some books
She hears a noise, and takes a look

A man was there, but choose to flee
what did he hear, what did he see

This mystery, would have to wait
She was running behind, for an important date

Leaving the room, the alarm goes off
each beep sounding, as the Hutt’s scoff

She moves quick, sneaks to the cell
as an imp, traversing through hell

Avoiding the sight, of the gods above her
for many would come, if they caught sight of her

Through two doors, and the welcome center
she heads for the cell, of her treasured mentor

The door opens, he knows not how to feel
has the Hutt, made her a deal

She sets him free, a smile on her face
giving his fears, a much needed chase

They part ways, to meet at the front door
in his wake, guards dead on the floor

They go straight, for the hanger bay
she explains why, on the way

Before the two, this station leave
a precious item, she must retrieve

To take it back, from where it came
keeping it safe, and its condition the same

They boarded the ship,seeking to trade
but the jedi decided, blood needed to be payed

She killed the pilot, did not feel right
they never were going, to join the fight

Ready to act, on the jedi she gazed
her mind became clouded, with a death filled haze

Leaping forward, using her might
damage she dealt, was very light

She found her bearings, dodge the lightsaber
was at this time, Gary did save her

Using a move, she had never seen
brought the jedi, to his knees

Seeing the darkness, bringing his student low
Gary delivers, the final blow

The jedi’s body, now growing cold
darkness on her, was taking hold

Seeing his student, standing there lame
He took action, to free her of pain

“This path my pupil, has not been easy
now close your eyes, and meditate with me”



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