Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Letter to Varus

Torture and leaving.

Hello Varus:

I hope all this chaos and confusion finds you well. I have spent the last four days being tortured and beaten in a cell, for a crime I didn’t and was not planning to commit. I was held without probable cause, or evidence for doing what they accused me of. When the fourth night was upon me, I heard princess wildheart was in the jail with me, and was with child. I took it up on myself at that point to leave the prison, and take her with me. I killed the two guards that came to my cell, and headed to wildheart, who they had stunned. As I was looking around for my stuff, Dik and Thodo happened to be looking for me. So with there help, we were able to get the princess out of there safely.

Now being tortured is nothing new to me, I was tortured in my training to become who I am. It helped me to keep my wits about me while the pain flowed through my body. Killing people has never bothered me. That is how I make my living. I have killed both those who deserve it, and those that don’t. Money, and the keeping of a balance were my guide.

But now, I am going to do something for myself. I am going to track down the info Elton gave me about the people that slaughtered my village. I plan to track them down, and kill them all. I do this for myself, not for money, not for a bounty, or a boss, but for me. You are welcome to join me, and to aid me in this, but I warn you, the same Stacy starting this, may not come back. I would encourage you to join me, to help keep me centered. I understand if you say no, but I implore you to consider it.

If I do not see you again, train hard, learn well, and keep the balance.


PS: Included is a picture of what being beaten and tortured for 4 days looks like. Look close, see the skin is broken, but the will is strong.



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