Unification Wars (aka - The Mothership)

Hack this!

Well, so far the infiltration has gone well. I managed to hook the escape pod into the beacon station and we snuck in with no attention drawn. Call that a win. After some sneaking and creeping we found a terminal I could slice. We snuck into the maintenance section and found some suits and tools to use as a disguise. I am happy to say that I did not kill anyone, but very unhappy to say that the psychotic (or pragmatic) droid killed the schmuck napping in the maintenance room. I tracked the docking bay for the fighters and we made our way to the control tower. After getting by some helpful guards (the luckiest day of my life, it seems) we stunned the operators and I did a masterful hack job and jammed the hangar bay and installed a virus to shut the system down. We stuffed the operators into a closet and began our movement to the beacon control.

I have an itch on the back of my neck that makes me feel like shit is about to go very, very badly.



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